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Precise, Accuracy and Friendly are the basic character of The Finance Team, as the hearth of organization the Finance Team have been very familiar in utilizing latest technology to ensure their delivered services are accountable, correct, easy to be understood and up to date. The Team have show great performance all the time.

Team Member

Mr Anwar entitled as FINANCE MANAGER of Bintang Samudra Utama – Jakarta Head Office. He is one who responsible all financial task and decision of the company, he leads complex team handled very critical Jobs and role.  He is intelligent, precise, energetic and enthusiastic young gentleman. The company financial fitness is depending on his capability and creativity to manage all financial tasks.

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Ms Nadia is finance team member, her main duty to assist Mr Anwar in banking transaction monitoring. She is one who will ascertain distributions the fund listed in Company Bank Account, manage proper book keeping and organize various of financial vouchers to ensure the accounting team well supplied by proper data and calculation, she is dealing with bunch of paper daily and for sure the Internet Banking System

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Mr Yudi is Finance Team member, he is doing complicated task and role to ensure the company management and his Manager does not having head-ache. His main role is recording, organizing and ascertaining every penny of fund in the company is well recorded. He also responsible to produce regular “Statement of Account” against all partners and customers. Mr Budi role also controlling and ascertaining all documents related to “Bills & Invoice” and ensure everything is within company standard operations procedure.

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Another young financial team member is Yuni (Ms), she is assisting Mr Anwar daily and assigned to monitor, recording, produce financial report and other documents related to financial matters. She is “specialist” for Tuban and Gresik area matters, since her main duty is taking good care all financial tasks related to the whole operations of Tuban and Gresik offices.


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