Swiss-Bell Hotel in Medan

In October 2011, I accidentally stayed in Swiss-Bel-International in Medan, after fail for extending the stay at Grand Antares Hotel – Medan. Since the office where I work for has been introducing new internal web base software application to improve office operations and services, my first attention in choosing a Hotel for stay is availability of Internet Connection in the room. Due to bad experience with internet connection at Aston City Hall – Medan, I wish to find another hotel. Grand Antares is best pocket choice. During checking in, nice receptionist lady confirmed the availability of Internet Connection in the room.

Well the internet speed is at 7-11 kb/s, thus very hard to download and upload document into our office application. After two night stay in Grand Antares but I need another day to extend due to some business meeting, the hotel informed can not extend the stay. In 2009 I have ever been stayed in Swiss-BelHotel Medan since Aston City Hall is not my choice anymor avoiding problem with Internet Connection, after ensuring the availability of Internet connection, I booked one room for a night.


The Swiss-BelHotel is look standard for Hotel st their class, the location is in one space with Cambridge city square. After full day meeting and checking in at Hotel Reception desk, I wish to have some creambath to refresh, just minutes walk away thru connection door between Hotel and mall, I found good Braja Salon in the Mall, having creambath and foot reflexology is very good, enjoy coffee latte at starbuck at about 19.15 I went into the room. Very nice room with artistic working desk, comfortable design and layout with electricity power connection. I hold old T61 Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with totally unfunctioning battery, thus power connection is critical to support my work.



Opening my ThinkPad T61 powred by Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64. Two of wifi connection available for the floor where I stay, I choosed the strongest signal and connected quickly, opening a web browser and greeted with great page :


Loging in with username and password gave by beautiful recptionist lady, valid for 48 hours and free of charge (Including at the Room price Package). Once successful loged in another nice page displayed on the web browser :


Frankly speaking, I dont expect too much with Internet Speed of Free Internet Access Hotel connection. However swiss-bel medan suprising me with great speed of Internet Connection. I plan to replace my Ubuntu 10.04 installation with Linux Mint, since I have no time anymore to tweak my lappy and my Ubuntu failed to play *.avi file. I decided to download Linux Mint 11 Katsya iso file by choosing Japan Mirror, and I got 149K/s, it’s thirteen (13) times speed comaparing to Grand Antares connection speed. Amazing !!!


It’s really nice, I can complete all my office jobs by editing, downloading and uploading file in office web base application easily. For bonus I finished to download THREE Linux Mint ISO file with each size 699 MB. Other Hotel facilities are also very nice, good TV Cable, comfortable bed, great bath room, great room air circulation. Well the room rate is double comparing to Grand Antares, however it’s worth.

I’m happily recommended to stay at swiss-bel medan once you visit Medan.