Disbursement Team

The Disbursement Team is well trained to present accurate disbursement, in mathematical calculation, applicable port tariff, up to date formulation, port regulations and general ships operations at ports. The team is a filter for our customers to ensure that Port Operators, Authorities, Service Providers, billing based on applicable port tariff, up to date formulation, correct mathematical calculation. Disbursement Team will ensure everything related to cost and expenses are correct and accountable.

Team Member


Anwar (Mr)
Personal Email : anwar@bsus.co.id


Port Disbursement is very essential set of documents  for every single Shipping Company, since the set of document is tight into every voyage of a vessel on her business trading. Mr Anwar working for PT.Bintang Samudra Utama – Jakarta Head Office assigned as Senior Disbursement Officer Agency Division, directly reported to Finance Department lead by Mr Abdullah. He is responsible in monitoring, compiling and organising every single bills related to Port Disbursement. Mr Anwar will ensure quality, and accuracy of every single documents. He will review, check and clarify that all value in the bills are correct mathematically, refers to applicable port tariff and formulations. He handled very complicated jobs and valuable documents. No doubt he hold great hand on knowledge of Applicable Official Port tariff and formulation, he is a precise and careful person with good enthusiast to go at every details of figure. He is reachable by personal email at anwar@bsus.co.id


Rini (Ms)
Personal Email : rini@bsus.co.id


Ms Rini is Disbursement Team Member, her main role is “Disbursement Quality Control”. She will ensure that set of Disbursement is correct, along with proper supporting details. Organising all documents into single set for easy reading before the disbursement set delivered to every customers. She is daily accessing database and record to check, review and take necessary action for every single vessel call under PT.Bintang Samudra Utama agency. She also ensure the disbursement set deliver to customer within the time bar.  She is contactable at her personal email.

Yudi (Mr)
Personal Email : Yudi@bsus.co.id

Yudi (Mr), played essential role in digital filling system. His role is multi tasking Jobs, transformed all hard copies documents into electronic file format, arrange and organizing the file in the on line storage and administrate on line web base office. He is also handle various clerical Jobs, marking all Port Disbursement document with proper mark and uploading into web storing file system for the whole office use. Yudi is reachable at his personal email : yudi@bsus.co.id

Farhan (Mr)
Personal Email : farhan@bsus.co.id

Port Disbursement is valuable and complicated documents, every single documents having financial value. Farhan (Mr) as Disbursement Team member responsible to check and review all documents before the documents sent to every customer. He is working hand in hand with Yudi to ensure all department having access to digital document file by organizing all softcopies of disbursement documents set in the company’s online office system, sending the softcopy documents to respective customers timely. Yayan is reachable at his personal email is farhan@bsus.co.id