Cash To Master

In general, foreign currency like UNITED STATES DOLLARS and EURO are enable to be WITHDREW in cash in Jakarta City only

For delivering CASH MONEY TO MASTER for any vessels calling Indonesian Ports, the cash only be able to be withdraw in Jakarta. Our staff will deliver the cash by Hand Carried for cash at amount less than USD 50,000. For amount more than USD 50,000 up to USD 100,000 Our Staff will be escorting by Professional Security Guards to ensure the cash safely delivered. For amount more than USD 100,000 we will employed cash security service providers.

Our agency office will apply minimum fee for the arrangements, However Bank Comission, Transport Expenses and Staff Travelling Cost will be reimbursed.

  • Note : Based on our own experience, cash in certain amount at Maximum USD 15,000 cash withdrew will be able to be arranged in MEDAN CITY Covered, Belawan, Pangkalan Susu, Lokhseumawe Port Calls and BALIKPAPAN TOWN Covered, Balikpapan, Lawe-Lawe, Senipah, Tanjung Santan, Samarinda, Bontang, Tanjung Bara, Muara Tewe, Berau Ports Calls