HR & GA Team

Human Resources & General Affairs is the essential part of an organisation. The team play in background and ensuring the office running smoothly. The team taking good care of all office needs, preparing clean, tidy and comfortable meeting room, serving visitors, ensuring the documents filling system well organized, leasing with related government offices, ensuring all vehicles is good and ready to support operations and many other tasks.


Team Members

Irma Antiyani (Ms)
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This young lady is entitled as Human Resource and General Affairs Manager, Her name is Irma Antiyani (Ms). Her main duty is to ensure all Human Resources involving on The Company operations well managed either in The Jakarta Head Office and Branches. She is one who responsible to determine company needs in Human Resources, forecasting all employees skills and arrange proper plan to improve all employees skills. Maintain the balance between company and individual employee interest to ensure the harmony of the organisations. She is also busy to lease with various Governmental Offices to ensure the Company legal aspects are not out of date and legally correct.


GA Support Team Member

Yadi (Mr)

This gentleman, prefer to stay a night in the office along with other colleges for over time is required. He is enthusiasticly learning to operate computer and reading a lot of valuable lessons from various web sites, sure he also has a facebook account as popular digital identity and social networking system. Yadi (Mr) coming from far away Madura Island and live in Jakarta for working. He is one of PT.Bintang Samudra Utama – Jakarta Head Office GA support team has been joining the organization since medio 2011. His main taks is almost equal with Wawan, maintain and keep the office in clean and health condition, serving his collegues in domestic needs.

Fahri (Mr)

He is well known as Fahri (Mr), Quiet young guy but hard worker. He is very happy and cheering in perform his reponsibility by involve in the distributed jobs among his other team member  Yadi – ; He also happily help to substitute by taking over his friends duty, once one of them absence. He has been joining the organization since medio 2011 and satisfy with his role and tasks. Fahri as well as Yadi, willing to learn how to operate computers in his spare time. Assisting other collegues to carry out data key in jobs after ensuring his main jobs are settled. He do like very much in learning by doing. Sure he also do like music very much.