Passport Validity Person Visit Indonesia

This page is informing general Indonesian Immigration office regulation related to Visitors to visit Indonesia Territory, especially related to SHIP’S CREW on board of Vessel Calling Indonesian Ports to enable officially smooth grant of visa.


  1. Under the General Regulations of Immigration all over the world, all SHIP’s CREW on board coming with the vessel to call Indonesian Port is Mandatory to be GRANTED by Visa without any certain procedure. Not necessary to submit the application to have visa grant. SHIP’s CREW is a person listed on the ARRIVAL CREW LIST.
  2. Under the general regulation of Indonesian Immigration Law, Person with Passport Validity MORE THAN 6 (SIX) MONTHS and at least ONE BLANK PASSPORT PAGE (For visa stamping) will be GRANTED by Visa at the Call Ports.
Therefore it’s strongly reminded that ALL SHIP’s CREW Listed in the Crew List MUST HAVE PASSPORT VALIDITY More than 6 (SIX) MONTHS since the ships arrival date and at least ONE BLANK PAGE of Passport for Visa Stamping. A Ship’s Crew hold Passport with Validity LESS THAN 6 (SIX) Months since ships arrival date and/or Have No Blank Page on passport will be treat as NON WORTH PERSON to received VISA GRANT. The consequences is the said person WILL BE REPATRIATED, all expenses involve on repatriation procedure will for The Person Accounts / Ships Owners / Ships Managers.