IT & Database Team

Information Technology is mandatory tools for today SHIPPING COMPANIES, PT. Bintang Samudra Utama one of reputable Indonesian National Ship’s Agent and Ship’s Owners accommodate and Implemented this technology to ensure the whole company operations run smooth. The office migrated most working method into tailor made software application based on latest Internet web technology.

IT & Database Team Members

As IT Person Help Desk Officer, Muhammad Sodik (Mr) work nicely, his patient in helping about 100 computer users are amazing. He is also responsible to maintain the network infrastructure in the whole office building and maintain and ensuring every single computer ready to use for supporting the whole company office operations. Computers are critical tools in this high tech time, since almost everything is done by computers, since communicating by email system, storing file in the server and many other complicated tasks. His personal email :

Well, database is must have for modern office. Working with database will increasing the speed and accuracy. Database is not simple arrangements, but database make everything simple.

His duty really complicated, transforming Hard copy documents into electronic and digital file, organizing the file into easy to find and reachable at any time from anywhere will be very interesting for him. Well organized and stored file will helping other departments to control and accessing the file to enable other persons life easier.