Pre Entry Requirements

Foreign Flag Vessel, calling into Indonesian Ports required certain preparations. The Ship Agent in Indonesia is MANDATORY to apply COUNTRY ENTRY PERMIT for FOREIGN FLAG VESSEL, in the Bahasa Indonesia word called PKKA stand for Pemberitahuan Keagenan Kapal Asing. The Document in brief is a PERMIT from Indonesian Government q.q Directorate General of Sea Communication, Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Indonesia, confirmed that the vessel is legally permitted to enter Indonesian waters

Document Required to Obtain PKKA

All Below Documents required COPY only
International Ships Safety Certificate
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificates
Full Ships Particular
International Tonnage Certificate
IMO Crew List
Ships Registry Certificate

For TANKER VESSELS with Single Hull Construction and/or TANKER VESSEL older than 15 (FIFTEEN) Years Old since the date of Arrival at Indonesian Ports, Mandatory to Have : CAS (Certificate of Assesment Scheme) or CAP (Certificate of Assesment Plan). Without one of the Two certificates, Indonesian Director General of Sea Communication will NOT issue PKKA (Country Entry Permit), without PKKA, the vessel will never able to do in/out port clearance, it mean the vessel will never permitted to sail out of Indonesian Water.

Important Notice :
Besides having copy of certificates listed above, Agent required the following information
Name Last Port Call
Name of Indonesian Port Call
Name of Next Port of Call after Calling Indonesian Ports
Vessel call Activities (Discharging, Loading, Docking, Technical Inspection, Doing Customs Formalities, Charter Delivery/Redelivery etc)

Time Duration
Agent Required at least ONE WORKING DAYS to obtain PKKA, and The Sea Communication offices serving for All agents obtaining PKKA during office hours (0900-1700) and during working days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) only. Therefore IT’S VERY IMPORTANT for agent to have above listed copy documents and informations at least 48 hours before foreign flag ships arrival time.

Redundancy on Absent of PKKA
PKKA is one of Mandatory document to have for all foreign flag vessel calling Indonesian Ports, without PKKA the vessel will be treat as ILLEGAL and No ONE Port Authority/Harbour Master Office will serving In/Out Port Clearance Formalities. Without in/out Port Clearance Formalities, vessel is not allow to do any operations at Ports.

Cargo Related Documentation
Foreign Flag Vessel calling Indonesian Ports for Discharging/Loading (Carrying Import/Export Cargo). Agent is Mandatory to apply Customs Cargo Discharging Permit, maximum 24 hours before ships Arrival Time. Vessel calling for discharging, Agent must apply Customs Cargo Discharging Permit along with : Copy of Bill(s) of Lading and Cargo Manifest for Customs Declaration.

Discharging Permit by Indonesian Customs Office obtained by Ships Agent is different matters with the Cargo Discharging Permit will be obtained by Receiver/Consignee or their cargo agent. Receiver/Consignee or their cargo agent will not able to apply cargo discharging permit and arrange Cargo Import Formalities without Ships Agent’s Cargo Customs Declaration and Customs Cargo Discharging Permit.

Customs Penalty :
Customs Office will apply Penalty at amount IDR 5,000,000.- for all Agent apply Customs Declaration less than 24 hours since ships arrival time. This Penalty apply for all vessel calling for cargo operations.