Kotabaru Office Team

Bintang Samudra Utama .PT KOTABARU BRANCH, Managed by Hisyam S.E. Established in 2009 and Re-Organized in 2010. Kotabaru having very important role in Indonesian Shipping Industries, there about 150 vessel call a month and about 200 in traffic. Various vessels since dry bulk carrier, oil tanker, chemical tanker and barge and tugs operate in Kotabaru area mostly to support Coal Mine Industries, There are TWO big Coal Terminal Reside, NPLCT (North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal) and IBT (Indonesian Bulk Terminal). TWO Petroleum Product Terminal, AKR Stagen Terminal with Shore Tanks Capacity 8 x 10 KL and IBT Shell Terminal with Shore Tanks Capacity 4 x 10 KL. Tarjun Cement Plants and Smart TBK Tarjun CPO Plant were under Kotabaru Administration. Thus our Kotabaru Team covered such wide area and various cargo handled terminals

Team Member

  • Port Disbursement & Accounting

Idrus (Mr) : Kotabaru Port Disbursement & Accounting Dept
The first person who serve our customers is Port Disbursement Person, Muhammad Idrus (Mr) is one of an expert in this matters. This calm and cool young guy having hand on knowledge on Port Tariff Details, Tariff Formulation, and General Port Financial Regulations. He has wide understanding on Maritime Accountancy, Indonesian Tax Matters and Kotabaru Local Customary habits.Idrus (Mr), as his nicked name, will always happy and graceful to serve by guiding to understand Kotabaru Port Tariff Related, his preciseness will ensure accurate and accountable calculation and bills. He do like fishing and exotic culinary, contactable at idrus@bsus.co.id

  • Operations Manager

Denny Septian (Mr) : Kotabaru Operations Manager reachable at denny@bsus.co.id
Operations Team in a Ship’s Agent Company is like a celebrity in a time, since mostly they are very populer among customers, port, government, and ship’s officers. But they are like a slave in other time, since they frequently have to work over night with no single minutes chance to sleep or rest. Denny Septian (Mr) The Operations Manager of Bintang Samudra Utama .PT Kotabaru Branch is the Leader of this slaved celebrity Team.

  • Port Operations Traffic Officer

Rajib (Mr) : Kotabaru Port Operations Traffic Officer
Kotabaru Port Operations Traffic Officer is a title assigned to Muhammad rajib Husain (Mr) a member of Kotabaru Office Team of Bintang Samudra Utama .PT He is contactable at rajib@bsus.co.id. Well, not every Port Office within Shipping Company having Port Traffic Officer, unless they are considering really neccessary. Port Operations Traffic Officer having specific function to ensure ships are safe during on traffic (within on chanel or river passage).

  • Port Operations Team

Yoki Iskandar (Mr) : Kotabaru Port Operations Officer
Yoki Iskandar (Mr) a Member of Kotabarau Operations Team, assigned as Port Operations Officer. His main task and role are boarding on board of the ship since she was at Anchorage, conveying Pilot Officers, Governmental Offices Formalities Team Officers and other concerning parties ON BOARD. He will attending on board during a ship doing port and cargo operations and relay many of valuable informations to related parties if neccessary, however his main function is to deal with Port Formalities and Authorities to ensure ship’s port operations going well at any respects. His personal email : yoki@bsus.co.id

Muhammad Rifani (Mr) : Kotabaru Port Operations Officer
Young,energetic,enthusiast with a baby face is, Muhammad Rifani, a Member of Kotabaru Operations Team, reachable at rifani@bsus.co.id. Very familiar with Port Situation in details, and frequently experienced less sleep days when he is on duty. Ship’s Port Operations having too many un-predictable redundances. Thus he must be smart enought in Personal Time Management, otherwise he will have not enought energy when the operations redundance coming. Knowledge and experience will be useless to resolve any redundance, when you are in sleepless conditions. Involving in port ship’s operations, body fitness is must.
Ikhwan Nugroho (Mr) : Kotabaru Port Operations Officer
iwan@bsus.co.id is personal email address to reach Ikhwan Nugroho (Mr), assigned as Kotabaru Port Operations Officer. His role and task is serving Ships during calling Kotabaru Area, under the custody of the company agency. Conveying on board Government Formalities Officers and relates Parties, coordinating with shore side, terminal and ship’s officers, updating report in vessel movement and other port/cargo operations related. Precise checking all ship’s trading certificates and ensuring there will be no problem during Port Clearance Formalities.

  • Port Operations Support Team

Muchtar Effendi (Mr) : Port Operations Support Ship’s Port Agent offices and personeels in any times have to face Time Constrains, serving ships at Port is not “nice” Job. All Persons involving must ensuring, everything done on time, due to ship’s operations and time are two un-breakable component. Muchtar Effendi (Mr) is Bintang Samudra Utama .PT Kotabaru office Team member, assigned as Port Operations Support Team, his task and role is ensuring all Port Operations Team Members are well served in mobility. Having best body fitness and energy is must, since he should available at any time to support his colleges.

  • Branch Manager

Hisyam (Mr) Kotabaru Branch Manager
Kotabaru Branch Manager is longtime shipping experienced person with Economic Science educational background. Hisyam S.E (Mr). He is optimistic, caring with smiling face guy. He has been more than 20 years involving in Shipping Industries with half of his involving duration as Ship’s Agent.